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  • Engineering analysis and design of locomotive structures, including

    • crashworthy cabs, fuel tanks, and underframes

    • Braking systems

    • Draft systems

    • Trucks, bogies, and suspension

  • Crash worthiness analysis of locomotives using finite element packages such as LS-DYNA3D and ANSYS

  • Layout & design of locomotives and equipment, including cab, underframe equipment, and motive power equipment layouts

  • In service testing of locomotives for ride quality evaluations, load environment monitoring, etc.

  • Design of isolated cabs and cab floors for improved ride quality

  • Fatigue analysis/evaluations of locomotives and locomotive components

  • Damage Tolerance Analysis (DTA) of locomotive components

  • Analysis of locomotive wheels for mechanical and thermal loads, including S-660 analyses

  • Static and Dynamic finite element modeling & analysis (FEA), including impact, of locomotives and car/locomotive components (FEA codes used: ANSYS, LS-DYNA3D, HyperMesh, NASTRAN, I-DEAS)

  • Test planning, setup and support for revenue service and laboratory tests of locomotives and locomotive components

  • Analysis of data from field and laboratory testing, including preparation of reports

  • Emissions testing of locomotives for gaseous emissions, particulate matter and smoke opacity

  • Failure analysis of locomotive systems and components, including structural analysis, weld analysis, and non-destructive evaluation (NDE)

  • Failure Modes, Effects & Criticality Analysis (FMECA) of locomotive, transit car, freight car, and passenger car systems

  • Design of specialized transducer systems related to railcar and locomotive performance measurement

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